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High Power (>5kW) Burn-In, Charge/Discharge and Lifecycle Testing have always been necessary evils for electronics manufacturers. The evil lies in the fact that not only are you consuming large amounts of power, you then typically have to spend an equal amount of money to evacuate the heat created by resistive loading technology via facilities HVAC and/or water cooling.

Any electronics manufacturer performing these or similar tests are essentially throwing away their energy at the expense of their bottom line. At an average rate of $0.1284/kW-Hr in the US (, an 8-hour/day, 5 day/week over 52 weeks 30kW Burn-In can cost >$8k in energy usage and then the same amount in cooling costs. Can your company afford to waste that energy?

Fortunately, there is a better way. Intepro offers Regenerative technology in our ELR DC Loads and PSB Bi-Directional DC Supplies that converts up to 95% of the loaded energy into a synchronized sine wave that feeds back through the local mains. The result is minimal heat generation/fan noise, and reduced facility energy usage as other electronic devices tied to the local mains receive the recouped charge from the ELR/PSB.

Are you curious to see how switching to regenerative technology for DC loading can impact your bottom line? Please visit our website for more information, specifically our ROI and Energy Usage Calculators. We are also available to discuss your application in depth - feel free to reach out using the contact information below.

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Intepro Systems is a Power Systems manufacture with over 35 years experience in the field.

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