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Programmable AC sources from 500VA to 2MVA and up to 500Hz. Four Quadrant, Bi-Directional Regenerative models for testing of renewable energy technologies.

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AC Sources

Programmable Auto-Ranging DC supply from 1,500W to 150kW and up to 1,500Vdc. High power density and up to 95% efficiency.

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DC Supplies

Programmable three phase regenerative load from 60kVA to 1MVA+ and up to 1,038Vac is ideal for AC power generators, primarily motor generators, turbine generators and power inverters.

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AC Loads

Electronic and regenerative programmable loads 150W to 105kW and up to 1,500V. Fast slew rates and selectable modes of operation.

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DC Loads

Turn-Key Automated Test Systems for characterization, functional and accelerated power testing that serve aerospace, defense, commercial, automotive, battery test and renewable energy industries.

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Test Systems

Intepro’s PowerStar software allows for customer to easily adapt LabVIEW and LABX programs into a simple drag and drop interface. It’s programming without coding.

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Test Software

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