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Intepro’s 4U Rack Unit Integrates 30 KW Auto-Ranging DC Supply with Energy-Recovering DC Load

Intepro’s 4U Rack Unit Integrates 30 KW Auto-Ranging DC Supply with Energy-Recovering DC Load.

Bi-directional package replaces individual programmable source and programmable load; regenerative load returns 93% of test energy to the grid; units can be operated in parallel for loads up to 1.08 MW

Tustin, CA— January 30, 2020—Intepro Systems announces the availability of its Model PSB 10000 30 KW programmable digital power supply/load. The PSB 10000 Series is a microprocessor controlled bi-directional supply that features two devices in one: an electronic DC load with energy recovery and an auto-ranging DC power supply. This allows for two-quadrant operation in an efficient and easy-to-use instrument. Combining the features of a programmable source and regenerative programmable load into one chassis frees up rack space and reduces generated heat all while recovering loaded energy back to the grid.

PSB 10000 Bi Directional Power Supply

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press News - Intepro Systems

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Intepro Systems is innovating with things that no one wants to try. Intepro was challenged with creating a DC load rack that was located to be inside a wind tunnel. This wind tunnel would simulate being in 40000ft elevation. The tester needed to dissipate current and have accurate voltage readings.

This was a unique challenge because some OEM parts have issues having accurate readings and operating at full potential. Intepro utilized its incredible engineering team and modified existing OEM equipment so that it would not be as affected by the altitude. Intepro Systems also utilized a 1km fiber link control system so that we could safely control the test station from outside the wind tunnel. This ingenuity and willing to work with our customers to solve their problems are what sets Intepro Systems apart.

Intepro Systems Solutions Success Story: ATE Load Rack Testing at 40,000 ft.

Problem: A customer required the ability to provide DC loading inside a wind tunnel simulating 40,000 ft elevation. Typical OEM parts required for testing were subject to derating outside of normal operating conditions (Temperature & Pressure) and accurate/reliable readings were needed.

Solution: Intepro used an innovative approach to modify the OEM equipment to minimize the atmospheric effects and employed a fiber link control system to ensure fidelity of required Measurements.

In another instance where no other supplier wanted to spend the time investigating, Intepro Systems called upon its vast engineering experience to deliver a satisfactory solution. What challenges have you been told “no” to? Intepro is willing to listen.

press News - Intepro Systems

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Benchtop Procyon Battery Test System designed for rechargeable electro mobility battery packs; PowerStar software facilitates battery charge and drive profiles; system scalable from 5 kW to 480 kW

battery-test-system-260x300 News - Intepro Systems

Tustin, CA — October 23, 2018 — Intepro Systems announces its advanced benchtop/rack mount Procyon Battery Test System for engineering design and production testing of high-performance electro mobility battery packs. The Procyon Battery Test System utilizes Intepro’s innovative bi-directional charge/discharge regenerative power stage that returns over 93 percent of the power back to the AC mains, lowering operating costs, reducing system size and eliminating/reducing external cooling requirements.

The system utilizes Intepro’s “fill-in-the blanks” PowerStar Test Sequencer software to facilitate test setup and operation. PowerStar offers Programming without Coding™ that allows users to define the charge and drive profiles unique to their vehicles or to a particular standard. Internal resistance measurements and cell balancing can be performed as required.

The space-saving design offers a scalable solution for battery packs from 5 kW to 480 kW, with voltages from 40V to 1,500V and discharge currents up to 8,000 A. The modular, building block approach allows the system to be expanded, upgraded or repurposed for new vehicles, batteries and changing test standards. Standard battery tests include: battery balance, battery charge/discharge, battery parametics, drive simulation and internal resistance.

“Recovering the energy in the battery charge/discharge cycle utilizing our systems’ regenerative stage dramatically reduces energy costs,” said Gerard Sheehan, Intepro’s Chief Technical Officer. “It also eliminates the installation and operational costs for air- or water-cooled loads to dissipate all that energy.”

For more information about this product, please download the Procyon Battery Test System Data Sheet or visit the Intepro Systems website at:

Price: starting at $20,000 (based on power rating)
Availability: 12 weeks

About Intepro Systems

Intepro Systems instrumentation and systems test and validate power supply systems and components used in aerospace, military, telecommunications, and other power electronics applications. Leaders in power supply testing; the company has a global reach with direct sales offices in the U.K., Ireland, China and the USA, and distributors covering the rest of the world.

Company Contact:
Andrew Engler, Intepro Systems
14712-A Franklin Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780
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Agency Contact:
Greg Evans • Acct. Exec.
WelComm, Inc.
Direct: 858-633-1911
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