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Introducing the Procyon ATE System! When it comes to ATE Test Systems for a for low- to high-volume production, Intepro has the testing power you require to be successful. For more than three decades, Intepro Systems has designed, built and integrated power supply test equipment for the world’s largest and smallest power supply manufacturers.

From telecommunications, automotive to military or Green Energy initiatives, our customers benefit from our fast, cost-efficient solutions which include our own specialty hardware and pre-selected commercial instruments to cut your production, design characterization, life-cycle and repair costs.

Our products cover all power ranges and are ideal for low-run, high-mix production, to high-volume production. Our latest systems take advantage of Ethernet bus and the latest LXI standard.



Intepro Systems’ Procyon test systems are built around industry-standard open architecture hardware platforms, which enable integration of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) instrumentation. This design approach reduces lead-time of brand-specific equipment requirements. This approach also results in cost-reduction compared with custom engineering designs. Our configurable ATE solutions for all power supply testing range from 100 W to 300 kW.

  • R&D and production ATE’s
  • Power from 1W to over 1MW
  • Single and multi-channel
  • Scalable solutions
  • Regenerative technology





  • DC Output Voltage
  • Ripple & Noise
  • Efficience
  • Overshoot Voltage
  • Voltage Dropouts
  • Dynamic


  • Frequency Range
  • Power Analyzer Data
  • High/Low Line
  • Line Disturbance
  • Safety


  • Cross Regulation
  • Load Regulation
  • Line Regulation


  • Transient Response Time
  • Spikes & Drops
  • Line Transient


  • Short Circuit
  • OC, OV, & OP Protection
  • Remote Shutdown Protection


  • Communication
  • Status Signals


PowerStar software is used for functional power and burn-in test. Intepro Systems’ software is a comprehensive package featuring simplified drag-and-drop programming, predefined test libraries and the ability to generate new tests. Predefined test libraries is a unique feature which we call “hardware independence.” A PowerStar-created test program allows the use of any off-the-shelf sources, loads and measurement devices—without having to change or edit the test program. PowerStar creates another layer in which your test procedure stays intact, without having to worry about running different hardware. Find out more about Intepro’s PowerStar® Software.

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Intepro System’s battery test systems are configurable systems designed to test the latest Lithium Ion batteries and other high-power density batteries and chargers. Find out more about Intepro’s Battery Test Systems.

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Intepro Motor Drive Systems (MDTS) meet the growing market demand for flexible systems with improved power efficiency to increase the need to quantify power parameters on motor drive systems with much greater precision. Find out more about Intepro’s Motor Drive Test Systems.

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Intepro System’s electronic loads are ideal where high-power bulk loading is required for burn-in and characterization applications. Find out more about Intepro’s Accelerated Life/Burn-in Test Systems.

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The Procyon PTS 2100-10 is a configurable turnkey Power Test System (PTS). Find out more about Intepro’s Power Supply Test Systems.

All Intepro ATE test systems use PowerStar software. For more information click here.

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The Vega Series, Intepro’s line of customizable high-power racks, are comprised of 15kW 3U Regenerative loads or DC power supplies.You can mix and match depending on your testing needs and up to 480kW of power can be loaded or supplied at efficiencies of well over 90%. For more information click here.

About us

Intepro Systems is a Power Systems manufacture with over 35 years experience in the field.

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