AC Sources

AC Sources

AC Sources for any application.

Intepro’s AC Sources range from basic, manual control to full-featured, remote control. The basic manual AC Sources are low-cost leaders and provide various frequency ranges and up to 300kVA of power - a great product where precise manual control and low cost is important. Intepro’s Programmable AC Sources are designed for applications where remote and advanced functionality is a requirement. Intepro’s Programmable AC Sources are perfect for use where Transient Generation, 4-Quadrant control and accurate measurements are important.

Intepro AC Source Test Equipment

AFC AC Source Get Info
Motor-Generator replacement, Motor Testing
AMF AC Source Get Info
Aircraft/400Hz AC Source
AFV-P AC Source Get Info
Compact Programmable AC/DC Source up to 5kVA
AFV AC Source Get Info
Programmable AC Source up to 1MW
PAS-F AC Source Get Info
4-Quadrant, Bi-Directional, Regenerative AC Grid Simulator

AC Source Features & Benefits

Power Industry Needs

With available output power up to 2MW, we provide solutions for AC requirements common within the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Utilities and Alternative/Green Energy Industries. From compact, benchtop to free-standing regenerative grid simulators, Intepro has you covered.

Regenerative bi-directional AC sources available.

AC/DC output source available up to 5000VA allows for multiple uses out of one compact unit.

Benchtop to Laboratory sources available.

  • afc AC Source Test Equipment- Intepro Systems


    AC Source
    0.5KVA - 2MVA Motor Testing Optional RS232 or RS485 remote controlling the output V and Hz (no monitoring available) 47-500Hz Frequency Range 5V-150VL-N and 10V-300VL-N Voltage Range
  • amf AC Source Test Equipment- Intepro Systems


    AC Source
    6 - 3000KVA Military/Aerospace RS485 is Standard 350-450Hz with a 500Hz option Frequency Range 115VL-N +/- 10% Voltage Range
  • afv-p AC Source Test Equipment- Intepro Systems


    AC Source
    600VA - 5000VA Low Power USB, LAN. RS232, RS485 15-1000Hz Frequency Range 115V-150VL-N; 230VL-N +/- 15% Voltage Range
  • afv AC Source Test Equipment- Intepro Systems


    AC Source
    15KVA - 2MVA General Purpose USB, LAN. RS232, RS485 45-500Hz Frequency Range 0V-300VL-N and 0V-600VL-N Voltage Range
  • pas AC Source Test Equipment- Intepro Systems


    AC Source
    45KVA - 200 KVA Grid Simulator USB, LAN. RS232, RS485 45-65Hz with a 40-70Hz Option Frequency Range 115V-300VL-N Voltage Range
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Additional Info About Intepro AC Sources

The AFV-P offers customers a programmable AC/DC output power source with precision measurement and control. This compact power source comes in four power levels, 600VA, 1250VA, 2500VA and 5000VA, providing clean power with distortion less than 0.3% at 40-100Hz.

The AFV is a programmable AC source used for both R&D and ATE operating environments. It is also over 90% efficient which results in lower operating costs and heat generation. The AFV is ideal for applications which require Voltage and Frequency Transient Generation along with independent phase control.

AC Sources Equipment

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