Wiring Harness Emulation using PSI 9000 DC Power Supply

When testing products to ensure they meet the specifications and performance demanded by their customers, engineers are tasked with simulating real world environments that are sometimes overwhelming and too impractical to implement.  Consider the case of the automotive engineer – There are a myriad of different wiring harnesses that their products can be used with.  Ideally, products should be tested under conditions as close as possible to what they will see while in use but what do we do when those conditions have a multitude of variants?  The solution here is not to go out and purchase each and every single wiring harness that the engineer’s product will encounter.  Intepro’s PSI 9000 Series of DC Power Supplies gives you the option of emulating a wiring harness through its programmable output impedance.       

Download Wiring Harness Emulation Application Note PDF