Powerstar Test Software

What separates Intepro from all its competitors is our software, PowerStar. A hardware independent testing software, PowerStar combines LabVIEW-like test flexibility with a library of more than 100 standard drag and drop test routines that cuts development of test programs to a fraction of the time of our competitors.

Being hardware independent means a test program developed in the engineering lab does not have to be rewritten when sent to production, just un-click the test that aren’t necessary for production testing. Hardware independence means Aerospace and defense programs do not have to be modified if station hardware is swapped. Hardware independence means programs written 15 years ago have an upgrade path to today’s modern hardware and PowerStar.

Intepro’s continuous use of technological advances in PSU ATE hardware and software brings the latest industry innovations to your test process.

The PowerStar environment provides control of every aspect of power testing:

  • Functions

    Comprehensive range of tests and instrument drivers

  • Easy to Use

    Drag and drop test program development

  • Logging

    Results Logged as a Microsoft® Access Database or SQL compatible database for extended analysis and reporting.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible test result processing

  • System Integration

    Integrated VBA engine

  • Product Family Testing

    Family testing allows one test program for a whole product series

Application and Tech Note

PowerStar Labview Integration