Intepro High Power Regenerative DC Load Operates from 360-528 Vac Grid

ELR 9000 HP Series 3-phase input handles worldwide utility voltage; programmable electronic load sinks up to 15kW per 3U rack-mounted unit; up to 16 units operated in parallel for up to 240 kW; regenerative output returns 94.5% of test power to mains. Click here to download high-res JPEG Tustin, CA— June 30, 2017—Intepro Systems, a market leader in power component … Read More

Wiring Harness Emulation using PSI 9000 DC Power Supply

When testing products to ensure they meet the specifications and performance demanded by their customers, engineers are tasked with simulating real world environments that are sometimes overwhelming and too impractical to implement.  Consider the case of the automotive engineer – There are a myriad of different wiring harnesses that their products can be used with.  Ideally, products should be tested … Read More

Fuel Cell Emulation

Fuel cell emulation is typically used for testing the electrical power components that are use with fuel cells to create fuel cell powered systems. Emulation can solve a number of issues compared to running a fuel cell in the work environment. One of the biggest challenges for companies testing fuel cell power components is having a lab that meets all … Read More

Electric Vehicle Motor Control Unit Test

Electrically Powered Vehicles pose unique challenges to test systems: in particular, MCU’s utilize high power and sometimes high voltages. This application note explores how Intepro Systems programmable power products makes testing and characterizing MCU’s easy while reducing carbon and footprint. Figure 1 is an example of a typical MCU. Typical EV batteries operate at a nominal 360 Vdc with a … Read More

Intepro’s Procyon Test Systems Combine Open-Source Integration With High-Efficiency Sources and Regenerative Loads

Fully integrated, scalable systems from 1W to over 1MW combine Intepro’s auto-ranging programmable power sources and regenerative loads in modular rack-mounted configurations Tustin, CA— February 15, 2017—Intepro Systems, a market leader in power component and power system automated test equipment (ATE), announces its Procyon line of integrated production test systems. At the core of each Procyon system are Intepro’s industry-leading … Read More

Intepro’s New Programmable AC Power Source Includes DC Output Capability

Compact, rack-mounted AFV-P Series features a wide voltage and frequency range plus DC; Includes intuitive touch panel display, simple programming of test sequences, fast slew rate and high peak current. Tustin, CA— January 25, 2017—Intepro Systems, a market leader in power component and power system automated test equipment (ATE), introduces the AFV-P Series of precision, programmable AC/DC power sources. The compact … Read More

Intepro Systems PSI 9000 Series of DC Sources for Photovoltaic Solar Array Simulation

Intepro Systems features a new application note regarding photovoltaic solar array simulations. Here is a sample of the article below. “Solar panels are made of many photovoltaic cells grouped together within a panel, solar arrays are panels grouped together to increase the power output level. The output power curve is affected by various weather conditions such as irradiation, temperature, rain, … Read More

High-Speed DC Load Solves Point-of-Load Converter Test Challenges

Intepro Systems was featured in the December Issue of Bodo’s Power Magazine. The issues featured our high speed dc load, the EL 2000 HS. Here is a sneak peak of what the article entails. “Intepro Systems announces the EL 2000 HS (high-speed) electronic DC load as the latest addition to its growing family of power system automatic test equipment (ATE). … Read More

Intepro’s High-Speed DC Load Solves Point-of-Load Converter Test Challenges

October 2016 – Intepro Systems announces the EL 2000 HS (high-speed) electronic DC load as the latest addition to its growing family of power system automatic test equipment (ATE). The EL 2000 HS Series is a stand-alone 40W load module providing point-of-load (POL) connections and point-of-use (POU) for fast slew rate DC loading. Ever-higher switching speeds and lower operating voltages present unique challenges in testing POL/POU power conversion … Read More

Electronic loads with regenerative output: Cool, quiet, reliable and green

October 2016 – Load banks are commonly utilized in product design and in production testing of power supplies and other power conversion devices, including motor drives and inverters. Load banks come in two forms: basic (essentially an array of power resistors) and electronic systems that employ active circuity to dynamically simulate changing load profiles. Load banks are often used to … Read More