Intepro Systems PSI 9000 Series of DC Sources for Photovoltaic Solar Array Simulation

Intepro Systems features a new application note regarding photovoltaic solar array simulations. Here is a sample of the article below.

“Solar panels are made of many photovoltaic cells grouped together within a panel, solar arrays are panels grouped together to increase the power output level. The output power curve is affected by various weather conditions such as irradiation, temperature, rain, clouds and shade conditions. The output is non-linear and the type of photovoltaic cell used within the panel also affects the output curve. With the use of the PV Table function in the PSI 9000 series the DC source can accurately emulate the non-liner I-V curve of the panel or array. Use the manufactures published I-V data of the solar panel to accurately emulate the specific band and model of the panel you’re planning to use.
PSI 9000 series are designed for simulating static and dynamic irradiance levels. Curves are based on industry leading 16,400 data points and adjustable to 1% increments. Another advantage the PSI 9000 series is Auto-Ranging output that extends the voltage and current combinations within the power envelope. This is important to truly emulating a PV panel and can reduce the amount of power supplies needed to do your testing.”

If you want to read more you can see the full article here

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