Intepro High Power Regenerative DC Load Operates from 360-528 Vac Grid

ELR 9000 HP Series 3-phase input handles worldwide utility voltage; programmable electronic load sinks up to 15kW per 3U rack-mounted unit; up to 16 units operated in parallel for up to 240 kW; regenerative output returns 94.5% of test power to mains.

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Tustin, CA— June 30, 2017—Intepro Systems, a market leader in power component and power system automated test equipment (ATE), introduces the ELR 9000 HP Series of regenerative, programmable electronic DC loads. This latest version of the popular ELR Series is designed to accommodate three-phase mains between 360V – 528V AC. The increased power density of HP Series units provides load ratings of up to 15kW in a single 3U rack-mounted instrument. A master-slave bus can be used to connect as many as 16 units in parallel to test loads of up to 240 kW. A unique feature of the ELR 9000 HP Series is an integral, grid-synchronized inverter designed to return up to 94.5% of the load test energy back to the grid.

The ELR9000 HP Series offers four common regulation modes: constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and constant power. The FPGA-based operational controls include a function generator and a table-based regulation circuit for the simulation of non-linear internal resistances. Intepro’s PowerStar 6 software package enables the creation of test routines using a drag-and-drop menu where coding can be performed without programming.

“The wide input voltage of the new ELR9000 HP Series of electronic DC loads is especially important to our customers who have manufacturing facilities in multiple global locations,” said Gerard Sheehan, Intepro’s Chief Technical Officer. “In addition, the regenerative output is even more valuable in these higher power density units, eliminating the need for expensive cooling systems used by conventional air- and water-cooled loads to dissipate energy as heat.”

Intepro Systems offers electronic loads as stand-alone units or as complete test systems. Maintenance contracts and onsite calibrations are also available for its test systems.

For more information about this product, please download the ELR9000 Series data sheet. For more information about this or any other Intepro product, visit the Intepro Systems website at: or email

Price: starting at $8,900 (Model ELR 9080-170 HP 3U)

Availability: 8-12 weeks

About Intepro Systems

Since 1981 Intepro has supplied users and manufacturers all over the world ATE systems and instruments to test power electronics used in a wide range of applications. The company has knowledge and expertise in moving and measuring power makes its systems unparalleled for production testing, ESS screening, repair and characterization of power components and sub-assemblies used across all industries.

Intepro Systems also offers a variety of power supplies and electronic loads to its customers. Intepro Systems has partnered with Preen to provide AC sources and AC loads as its own and partners DC electronic loads to help solve many power testing needs.

Intepro Systems instrumentation and systems test and validate power supply systems and components used in aerospace, military, telecommunications, and other power electronics applications. Leaders in power supply testing; the company has a global reach with direct sales offices in the U.K., Ireland, China and the USA, and distributors covering the rest of the world.

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