Fuel Cell Emulation

Fuel cell emulation is typically used for testing the electrical power components that are use with fuel cells to create fuel cell powered systems. Emulation can solve a number of issues compared to running a fuel cell in the work environment. One of the biggest challenges for companies testing fuel cell power components is having a lab that meets all the proper regulations and safety concerns with a device needing flammable and combustible fuels in the workplace.

Testing of your devices and components can easily be tested under a wide range of test parameters in a short amount of time when compared to a live fuel cell. Another advantage is being able to test your product beyond the limits of the fuel cell. Also with emulation you can create profiles as if the fuel cell is not working properly and end of life characteristics. Emulation greatly reduces time and cost of research and development testing, production testing and certification testing.

Intepro Systems simplifies the process of how to create a fuel cell emulator by adding emulation to our PSI 9000 series of fast response DC sources for creating a non-linear voltage output that emulates a fuel cell or fuel cell stack output voltage. So, no matter if you’re testing DC/DC converters or AC inverters our fuel cell emulation reduces your test time and cost. An added benefit to the PSI 9000 is a feature called Auto-Ranging that allows for more voltage and current combinations for achieving maximum power than a traditional power supply that only achieves the wattage rating at the rated maximum voltage and rated maximum current at the same time.  

Download Fuel Cell Emulation Application Note PDF