The Intepro PS 9000 Series Auto-Ranging DC Programmable Power Supply products are power supplies with increased performance for applications that demand fast response times, and precision control. The PS 9000 Series products include a galvanically isolated analog interface for voltage, current and power programming and monitoring. The DC Power Supply PS 9000 has Industry leading selection of manual controls, digital and Analog Interface controls.

Key Features of the PS series Auto-Ranging DC programmable power supply products:

  • High Efficiency

    Up to 95.5%

  • Remote Sensing

    With Automatic Detection

  • Cooling

    Temperature Controlled Fan Speeds

  • Auto-Ranging

    Auto-Ranging Output Stage

  • Control Panel

    With Pushbuttons & Blue LCD for Actual Values, Set Values, Status & Alarms

  • Inputs

    USB & Ethernet Port Integrated or alternatively Installed IEEE/GPIB Port

  • Command Language

    SCPI Command Language Supported

PS 9000 1U, 2U and 3U

Application and Tech Notes

Auto-Ranging Tech Note


Intepro’s Auto-Ranging Advantage

User Manuals & Datasheets

PS9000 1U User Manual Datasheets

PS 9000 2U User Manual Datasheets

PS 9000 3U User Manual Datasheets

Programming Guide

A single 1U chassis houses up to 3kW of DC power. The clearly arranged control panel features two rotary knobs, six pushbuttons and two LEDs. Together with an illuminated, blue LC display for all values and status it simplifies the use of the device.

The PS 9000 3U model allows the user to achieve even higher output power than the single units can supply, cabinets with up to 150 kW and up to 42U size can be configured to suit the user‘s requirements.

All the DC power supply PS 9000 models feature a flexible Auto-Ranging output stage which provides higher output current at reduced voltages so the source maintains maximum output power across a wide range of voltage operation. Traditional DC sources offer a square operation curve meaning the source maintains maximum rated current at less than full scale voltage. A traditional 5kW DC source with a voltage range of 600V provides 10A. At 200V the source still offers 10A so only 2kW is actually delivered to the unit under test.

Auto-Ranging addresses this issue by automatically increasing the output current at reduced voltages. Take the PSI 9500-30 which is 5kW as an example. At 600V the source offers 10A. At 200V the source provides 25A which means the source maintains a 5kW output rating.

Auto-Range is especially useful when testing products that require varied input voltages while maintaining regulated output power. This feature often results in a single chassis solution versus buying multiple sources to address low and high voltage / current requirements.

The remote sensing function can be done via a dedicated input which is directly connected to the load equipment, in order to compensate voltage drops along the load cables up to a certain degree. The power supply detects automatically whether the sensing input is connected and will stabilize the voltage directly at the load.

User Interfaces

The large LCD touch panel offers a modern and intuitive user interface for controlling the four operating modes, Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC) and Constant Power (CP). Response times for the control via analog or digital interfaces by the FPGA controlled hardware are among the fastest in the industry. In parallel operation of multiple devices, a master-slave bus is used to connect the chassis to a create high power system where the actual values are totaled and the set values distributed.

PS 9000 1U Front panel

PS 9000 1U Front panel


  • front panel dc power supply

    Front Panel

  • rear view dc power supply

    Rear View

  • left view dc power supply

    Left View

  • right view dc power supply

    Right View