Intepro Systems offers a wide selection of Auto-Ranging programmable DC Power Supplies. Each DC Power Supply are MOS-FET based, resulting in a high performance power stage that offers high speed slew rates and low output ripple. Intepro’s electronic DC Power Supplies are designed for ultimate flexibility and configuration in providing the ideal power input solution for testing converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components.

Intepro’s Auto-Ranging programmable DC Power Supplies provide higher output current at reduced voltages. This feature offers a wider power curve than traditional rectangular output characteristic power supplies because they expand the output power curve into a more usable power envelope. This gives the user more voltage and current combinations in one DC Power supply. Auto-Ranging is like having several traditional DC power supplies in one. Auto-ranging DC Power supplies are typically a bit more costly than conventional supplies with the same power rating because the output stages must be designed to operate reliably over a wider range of output voltages and currents. But the real cost is lower because one unit can be used to replace multiple conventional units.

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Reference the DC Power Supplies model selection chart for the DC Supply that fits your testing needs:

PS 9000

Auto-Ranging DC power supplies PS 9080-50 1U, PSI 9200-25 2U and PSI 9500-90 3U

Applications and Tech Notes

DC Power Supply Auto-Ranging Tech Note

Model PS 9000 DC Power Supply Key Features:

  • Up to 3kW in 1U
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • Output power between 1.5kW and 150 kW
  • Standard with USB, Ethernet and Isolated Analog Interfaces
  • Remote sensing at the load.

Model PSI 9000 DC Power Supply Key features:

  • Integrated function generator
  • Photovoltaic solar array and fuel cell simulation
  • Programmable Impedance
  • Output Power between 1kW and 150kW
  • Efficiency up to 95%

In addition, the PSI 9000 DC power supplies offer, as standard, the possibility for parallel connection in Share bus operation for constant current sharing plus a genuine master-slave connection with totalizing of the slave units is also provided as standard feature. Operating in this way allows up to 10 units to be combined to a single system with a total power of up to 30 kW. All models are controlled by microprocessors. These enable an exact and fast measurement and display of actual values.

Both the PS 9000 and the PSI 9000 DC Power Supplies feature remote sensing that can be done via a dedicated input which is directly connected to the load equipment, in order to compensate voltage drops along the load cables up to a certain degree. The DC power supply detects automatically whether the sensing input is connected and will stabilize the voltage directly at the load. The connection for the remote sensing is located on the rear of the DC power supply.

PS 9000 DC Supply PSI 9000 DC Supply
Chassis Size 1U, 2U, 3U 2U, 3U
Power Range 1.5kW-3kW, 1kW-3kW, 5kW-150kW 1kW-3kW, 5kW-150kW
Auto Range check check
High Voltage (❭ 750V) check
High Speed Slew Rate 〈30msec 〈15msec
Integrated Function Generator check
Parallel /Auxiliary for High Power check check
Solar Simulation check
Fuel Cell Simulation check
Programmable Impedance check
RS232 check
USB check check
LAN check check
Modbus TCPB check
Profibus check
CANopen check
RS-488 (GPIB) check check
Isolated Analog check check
Quick Info

Quick Info