The Intepro EL 9700 Electronic load Series is a new line of bench top and rack mount DC loads that combine six modes of operation with special test features including programmable CC soft start, dynamic pulsing, built in battery test, and short circuit mode making these DC loads ideal for testing power supplies and batteries as well as other power products. These loads are rated from 150 watts to 6000 watts. Typical applications that these model EL9700 series loads can be used for include research & development, production, solar cell loading, fuel cell testing and incoming inspection.

The EL 9700 series of loads include six modes of operation, CC (constant current), CR (constant resistance), CV (constant voltage), CP (constant power), CC+CV, and CR+CV to support a wide range of testing applications. Dual range 16-bit resolution measurements of voltage (V), current (I) and power (W) provide the accuracy of a DMM with the convenience of a single connection. Intepro Systems loads are designed for easy integration into automated test systems or used as a standalone instrument, operated by the easy to use front panel. Every load comes standard with an Ethernet or USB interface. All loads have power up self-diagnostic routine with built in calibration checks. Loads are fully protected against OP, OC, OV, OT and reverse polarity. This ensures the quality and reliability of the loads and provides protection for the unit under test.

The Intepro EL 9700 series DC electronic loads, as a new generation line of products, are designed with high-performance chips, high speed, high accuracy and with resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA (the basic accuracy is 0.03%, the basic current rise speed is 2.5 A/us). The EL 9700 series has a wide application in production line testing (ie. cell phone charger, cell phone battery, electric vehicle battery, Switching power supply, linear power supply), research institutes, automotive electronics, aeronautics and astronautics, ships, solar cells, fuel cell, etc.

Key features of the EL 9700 DC Load products

  • Remote Voltage Compensation

    Supports Remote Voltage Compensation and Multi-Data Storage

  • Testing & Calibration

    Power-on-self-test, Software Calibration, and Standard Rack Mount

  • Interface

    RS232, RS485, USB Communication Interface.

  • Operation Modes

    Six High Speed Operation Modes: CC, CR, CV, CW, CC+CV, CR+CV

  • Protection

    Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Power, Over Heat, Polarity Reversed Protection.

  • Cooling

    Intelligent Fan System is Automatically Initiated According to the Temperature.

  • Waveforms

    Arbitrary Waveform Generation.

  • Power Rating

    150W to 6000W.

EL 9700 small dc load

EL 9711 and EL 9712

EL 9700 dc load

EL 9713, EL 9714, EL 9715, EL 9716

EL 9700 dc load large

EL 9717 and EL 9718

Document Downloads

EL 9713 X and EL 9714 X User Manual

EL 9711 and EL 9712 X Manual



  • EL 9712 Front

    EL 9712 Front

  • EL 9712 Back

    EL 9712 Back

  • EL 9712 Left

    EL 9712 Left

  • EL 9712 Right

    EL 9712 Right