Intepro Systems offers a wide selection of Electronic DC Load products. Our electronic DC loads are designed for ultimate flexibility and configuration in providing the ideal load solution for testing AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components. The Intepro DC Load products are well suited for research, development, production and incoming inspection applications.

All Intepro electronic DC loads operate at the high speeds necessary to meet the demanding transient and dynamic response characteristics required for today’s modern PSU.

  • High Resolution

    16-Bit program and measurement resolution

  • Maximum Voltage

    Up to 1500v maximum

  • Modern GUI

    Graphical web interface (Ethernet only)

  • Multiple I/O

    Ethernet, GPIB, or RS-232 interface

  • Low Noise

    Intelligent fan control to lower noise

  • Simulation

    Inductive load and capacitive load simulation

  • Multi-Channel

    Up to 10 Channels in a 4U chassis

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DC Loads Top to Bottom:

EL 9712
ELR 9080-170
ML 1800 Chassis
ELR 5000 Chassis

For more information call Intepro at 1-714-953-2686

Reference the model selection chart for the source that fits your testing needs:

Feature EL 9000 B ELR 9000 ELR 5000 EL 2000 HS
Load Type Single Channel Single Channel Multi Channel Single Channel
Regenerative check check
Max Voltage Rating 750Vdc 1500Vdc 200Vdc 20Vdc
Wattage Range Per Chassis 1.2kW-7.2kW 3.5kW-10.5kW 320W 40W
Paralleling for Higher Power Levels check ❭105kW 3200W / Chassis
Typical Max Slew Rates 30µsec ❬1.5msec ❬1msec 0.350µsec
Bandwidth 20kHz 1kHz 1kHz 1MHz
4 Modes of Operation CC, CR, CP, CV check check check check
Pulse Mode check check check
Function Generator check check check
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Quick Info

Quick Info

Quick Info

Intepro’s line of regenerative DC Load products offer all the necessary features of today’s electronic loads, plus the added benefit of energy recovery to mains. Regenerative technology converts the supplied energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. This reduces the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time. This feature also offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive cooling systems used by conventional air- and water-cooled loads to dissipate energy as heat. Over time these regenerating products easily pay for themselves.

Intepro offers two versions of the Multi-Channel DC Load products and three of the Single Channel products. This family of DC Load products will handle up to 1500Vdc and up to 10.5kW of power. Two of the Single Channel models can be paralleled for even higher power levels. In fact, There are three models that have the Function Generator capability in order to replicate the most unique loading applications.

The most important feature of certain of these electronic DC load products is that the AC input, i.e. grid connection, is also used as output for the recovery of the supplied DC energy, which will be converted with an efficiency of approximately 93%. This way of energy recovery helps to lower energy costs and avoids expensive cooling systems, such as required for conventional electronic loads which convert the DC input energy into heat.