DC Loads


This is a legacy product no longer offered by Intepro Systems. Please contact us directly for current DC Load options.

Should you need technical assistance, we will continue to support our legacy products through our support section.

DC Loads

DC Loads for any application.

Intepro Systems offers a wide selection of Electronic DC Load products. Our electronic DC loads are designed for ultimate flexibility and configuration in providing the ideal load solution for testing AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components. The Intepro DC Load products are well suited for research, development, production and incoming inspection applications.

All Intepro electronic DC loads operate at the high speeds necessary to meet the demanding transient and dynamic response characteristics required for today’s modern PSU.

Intepro DC Loads

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Discontinued DC Load
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Regenerative Electronic Load
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Modular regenerative load
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High Power regenerative load
DC Loads

DC Loads Features & Benefits

The Power Industry Needs

Our regenerative loads convert the supplied energy into a synchronous sine current and feed it back into the local or public grid.

Over 93% energy recovery.

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Additional Info About Intepro DC Loads

Intepro’s line of regenerative DC Load products offer all the necessary features of today’s electronic loads, plus the added benefit of energy recovery to mains. Regenerative technology converts the supplied energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. This reduces the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time. This feature also offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive cooling systems used by conventional air- and water-cooled loads to dissipate energy as heat. Over time these regenerating products easily pay for themselves.

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