The Procyon PTS 2100-20 is a configurable turnkey Battery Test System. This specialized automated test equipment (ATE) is ideal for the high performance batteries used in electro mobility. Designed to test battery packs and battery systems, the PST 2100-20 is ideal for the automotive, aerospace, transportation, and energy storage applications.

Our Battery Test Systems are highly efficient and can even help save costs. Our test systems utilize our regenerative DC power supplies and DC loads that have a >93% energy recovery on the discharge, meaning we put the recovered energy back to use so it does not turn into excess heat, saving you cooling costs in your factory and lab.

Our customized test systems cater to YOUR needs without breaking the bank. Our engineers will work with you to design and build what YOU need. We understand that each test is unique, why should your test system be different?


  • Highly Efficient

    (>93%) bi-directional charge/discharge power stage

  • Regenerative Technology

    for lower operating costs

  • Compact Design

    Desktop or rack mount – saves floor space

  • Scalable Solutions

    from 5kW – 480kW allows reuse for quicker ROI

  • Wide Range of Voltages

    Voltages from 40V to 1500V; currents up to 8,000A covers all pack technologies

  • Built-in Arbitrary Generator

    for complex charge and discharge curves

  • Automated or Manual

    Automated test sequencer or manual control

  • Customizable

    Ability to set critical safety levels for voltage, current and temperature


Battery Storage solutions are constantly evolving – and so are our test systems! The latest generation of Procyon test systems are built around regenerative energy technology. Our PSB 9000, ELR 9000, and ELR 5000 convert the Stored energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. This eliminates the usual load heat dissipation and saves energy costs at the same time. When used for burn-in and life characterization applications, Intepro’s “Green Loads and Sources” recycle more than 93% of the power drawn from the battery pack or system. Our regenerative products offer the benefit of helping your company meet its Sustainability Objectives while saving money.


Our PST 2100-20 test systems are powered by our PowerStar software. PowerStar is a comprehensive package featuring simplified drag-and-drop programming, predefined test libraries and the ability to generate new tests. This “Programming without Coding”TM combined with our predefined test libraries offer a unique feature which we call “hardware independence.” Hardware independence means a PowerStar-created test program allows the use of any off-the-shelf sources, loads and measurement devices—without having to change or edit the test program. Find out more about Intepro’s PowerStar® Software.


  • Battery Balance

    Runs a Battery Balance cycle – the user specifies the battery balance target and the overall test timeout time.

  • Battery Charge

    Runs a charge cycle – the user specifies the charge CC/CV settings, the charge terminates when the specified cut off current has been reached.

  • Battery Discharge

    Runs a discharge cycle – the user specifies the discharge mode and level, the discharge terminates when the cut off voltage has been reached.

  • Battery Measurement

    Used to measure various battery parameters – Battery Pack Voltage, individual cell voltage, Battery Pack temperature, battery imbalance and battery SoC (State of Charge).

  • Drive Simulator

    Runs the selected profile for the specified duration.

  • Internal Resistance

    Simulate real life battery conditions

  • Special Test

    Performs a battery internal resistance test utilizing Communication and Status Signals.

Sample battery simulator test system

Battery Cycler/Analyzer & Capacity Tester

Battery Test System