Test systems for accelerated life testing and product life cycle burn in Intepro’s electronic loads are ideal where high power bulk loading is required for burn-in and characterization applications within Telecommunication and Aerospace sectors, Intepro’s environmental stress screening (ESS)/Burn-in solutions facilitate test of:

  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Power electronic components
  • HALT and HASS Test Screening

Intepro’s recycling technique where >90% of the power drawn from the mains is recycled. This significantly reduces large energy bills associated with testing using conventional system loads. ELR regenerative loads manage and provide full measurement of the power being tested. Our software can readily integrate additional OEM test equipment. It manages data collection and facilitates full load profiling and power cycling functions.

Intepro continually develop product lines in close collaboration with customers delivering a wide range of test solutions to meet with customer requirements regardless of the complexity. For more information click on the following links or contact your nearest Intepro consultant.

Sample Accelerated Life Test System