When it comes to ATE Test Systems for a for low to high volume production, Intepro has what you need. For over 30 years, Intepro has designed, built and integrated power supply test equipment for the world’s largest and smallest power supply manufacturers. Our customers benefit from our fast, cost-efficient solutions that include our own specialty hardware and pre-selected commercial instruments to cut their production, design characterization, life-cycle and repair costs.

Functional test and design automated test equipment (ATE) systems for power supplies, power components, power modules, life cycle testing and reliability stress screening of power converters, inverters, rechargeable batteries and other power electronics components. Our products cover all power ranges and are ideal for low run, high mix production to high volume production. Our latest systems take advantage of Ethernet bus and the latest LXI standard.

PowerStar software is used for functional power and burn-in test. Our software is a comprehensive package with ease-of-use featuring drag and drop programming, pre-defined test libraries and the facility to generate new tests. The pre-defined test libraries facilitates a unique feature which we call hardware independence. A PowerStar created test program allows the use of any off-the-shelf sources, loads and measurement devices without having to change or edit the test program. PowerStar creates another layer in which you test procedure stays in tact without having to worry about running different hardware.

Automated Test Systems