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Green Energy Test Challenges: How can Intepro help?

Practice what you preach
Intepro offers instruments and systems that are highly efficient and regenerative (when applicable), helping our customers “Walk the walk and talk the talk” when it comes to Green Energy.

Capital Costs
Energy savings are realized via industry leading efficiency and regenerative technology, helping to increase ROI.

Market Entry
Intepro is spreading the word of energy efficiency

Reliability Misconceptions
Our products employ the latest iteration of technologies available to deliver a product that is mature, robust and reliable.

Renewable Energy Collection & Management are two of the fastest growing sectors in the global market. In addition to making products that support green energy manufacturers are starting to “think green” as well, with corporate directives seeking to maximize efficiency which ultimately helps drive revenue. Intepro offers instruments and designs test systems that help customers meet their energy objectives without sacrificing performance. With up to 95% efficiency and 0.99 PFC, our DC Supplies make the most out of your available input voltage and typically use 15% less energy than your typical DC Supply. Our regenerative DC Loads go a step further and recover up to 95% of the loaded energy back to local AC mains. Since there is little heat generated in this process, energy savings are virtually doubled via reduced cooling requirements. For AC applications, our 4-Quadrant Grid Simulator features the same regenerative benefits as our DC products and offers power functionality without breaking the bank.

Developing or testing a “green” product? Think “green”, think Intepro!

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