The Intepro PAS-F Series is a broad line of programmable three phase output regenerative utility grid simulator products. With power levels ranging from 45kVA up to 1.6MVA, the series is capable of testing the largest of dispersed energy inverters. The PAS-F combines utility grid simulation with regenerative bi-directional AC source controlled power that is capable to both source and sink full current from the equipment under test (EUT).

Key Features of the PAS-F Grid Simulator:

  • Power Conservation

    Absorbs energy from the output terminals and feeds it into the grid power, helping the industry to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission

  • Active Rectification

    Uses the most advanced PWM rectification technology with four-quadrant operation capability

  • Input Power

    Very high input power factor , up to 0.99 pf

  • Output Voltage

    Pure sinusoidal output voltage, THD < 1%

  • Reactive Power

    Sinks 100% reactive power (kVAR)

  • Phase Control

    Independent phase control

PAS-F User Manual


The PAS-F regenerative grid simulator output is adjustable up to 300VL-N (519VL-L) and 45-65Hz. Creating voltage and frequency disturbances such as steps and drops gives users a powerful instrument for design validation testing of new products. The DSP based controller allows independent phase angle and voltage control for testing against phase unbalance in three phase products.

Constant Power Mode

The Constant Power Mode (CMP) of the PAS-F grid simulator maximizes output power at typical operating voltages. As output voltage is reduced from full scale the available output current automatically increases to as much as 125%. Below 50% of full scale voltage the source delivers full current and some specifications may not be met. Performance degradation such as load regulation and THD at <1% of full scale voltage could be slightly higher.


Constant Power Graph

Bidirectional Grid Simulation

The Intepro PAS-F Grid Simulator employs the most advanced PWM rectification (active rectification) technology with four-quadrant operation capability. It is able to provide excellent sinusoidal voltage output and achieve very high output voltage and frequency stability. All necessary protection mechanisms are implemented in the electronic circuitry to quickly detect, execute proper actions immediately and active necessary alarms.

bidirectional grid simulation

Bi-Directional Grid Simulation Graphic

User Control

This grid simulator can be controlled by either the touch panel installed on it (the local control) or by the communication channels (eg. RS485) connected to an external computer (the remote control). Either way of control has a user friendly interface which makes controlling and programming this grid simulator much easier than before.

user control

User Control

Certification Test

The PAS-F grid simulator offers embedded Low-Voltage-Ride-Through test windows that allow for simple programming used in compliance routines. The PAS-F offers independent phase control to meet requirements such as IEEE1547 where muti-phase inverters must be tested on an individual basis and all phases simultaneously. The PAS-F Grid Simulator is a reference AC source for use in UL1741, IEEE1547, BDEW and CEI0-16 type compliance testing.

certification test

Certification Test

The Test Engineers dilemma when testing dispersed energy products such as PV inverters, Energy Storage systems and wind turbines is that the traditional test set up requires a load in parallel with the EUT and AC source. As a result energy from the EUT is burned into the load creating lost energy in the form of heat. The heat often means building infrastructure like HVAC systems must be updated to cool the laboratory or production floor. The PAS-F grid simulator does not require the parallel load and instead full EUT current is sunk into the AC source and 92% of the power is regenerated back to the utility grid. The PAS-F lowers the total cost of ownership and costly infrastructure upgrades.