The Intepro AMF Series is a complete line of single and three phase, 400Hz AC Frequency Converter products. With Power levels ranging from 6kVA up to 300kVA, the AMF series of frequency converter products are the ideal and cost effective solutions for precise frequency conversion in all avionics and higher frequency electronic applications. Power and frequency conversion is supplied by state-of-the-art IGBT pulse-width-modulated power amplifiers resulting in highly efficient power conversion, compact design and maximized performance with minimum downtime.

The frequency converter output is adjustable from nominal 115VL-N ±10% (218VL-L) and can be fixed at 400Hz or adjusted from 350 to 450Hz. The crystal controlled clock offers an outstanding 0.01% frequency stability. The AMF frequency converter is capable of driving overload conditions of 120% for 1hr, 150% for 1min and 200% for 15sec.

The Intepro Systems AMF Series is a new type of programmable AC Power frequency converter used for simulation and frequency conversion. It not only offers continuous, pure, and steady sinusoid voltage, but also is convenient to operate from the front panel keypad or remote interfaces.

Why choose the AMF frequency converter?  400Hz frequency conversion is traditionally accomplished using low cost rotating frequency converters and motor generators. While the initial cost for these types of conversion technology is lower, they require regular maintenance and upfront infrastructure investment. This traditional technology is also slow to regulate fluctuating load conditions and generates high harmonic distortion. Utilizing a Solid-state design the AMF frequency converter offers a cost effective replacement to these older technologies and the benefits of modern switch mode power technology. The input and output are electrically isolated which provides protection from counter-electromotive force (CEMF) which is common among motor applications.  Especially those applications where the motor is driving a fluctuating load.

Key Features:

  • Load Regulation

    Precision frequency control and load regulation

  • Output

    Single or three phase output

  • Distortion

    Low output distortion

  • Measurement

    Integrated high accuracy measurements

  • Overload Protection

    Overload capacity of up to 200% for 15 seconds

  • I/O Isolation

    Isolated input and output

  • Reliability

    Laminated bus-bar technology reduces induction and improves reliability