The AFC Series products are single and three phase AC Power sources ranging from 0.5kVA to 2000kVA. This AFC series has a continuous and adjustable output voltage between 5~300V. This allows for quick and convenient 3 scales of preset voltage for high and low voltage simulation. Power is supplied by state-of-the-art IBGT pulse width-modulated power amplifiers resulting in highly efficient power conversion, compact design and maximized performance. With up to 90% efficiency the AFC minimizes heat dissipation so less infrastructure cooling is required.

Output is adjustable up to 300VL-N (519VL-L) and 47-63Hz. Three sets of user pre-determined memory allows for convenient, on the fly manual programming. The built in Constant Power Mode (CMP) maximizes output power at typical operating voltages. As output voltage is reduced from full scale the available output current automatically increases as much as 125%. Below 50% of full scale voltage the source delivers full current and some specifications may not be met. Performance degradation such as load regulation and THD at <2% (over 2kva) of full scale voltage could be slightly higher.

To achieve highly accurate measurements for your parameters, the AFC Series has a voltage measurement accuracy of 0.15% FS +4 Count, current measurement accuracy of 0.2% FS +4 Count; and Frequency measurement accuracy of 0.1%; and Power measurement accuracy of 0.3% FS +4 Count.

This model AFC includes output overload and short-circuit protection. If an output overload or short-circuit occurs, this protection will cut down the output power and sound an alarm.

Key Features:

  • Load Regulation

    Precision frequency and load regulation

  • Compact Design

    Minimizes floor space requirements

  • Distortion

    Low output distortion

  • Measurements

    Integrated high accuracy measurements

afc ac source

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