The Intepro AC Source is available in the programmable version as well as the Basic manual version. The basic manual AC Source is the low price leader and gives the user manual control of 350 to 450 Hz and up to 300kVA. A great product where precise manual control and low cost is important. The Intepro Programmable AC Source is designed for the applications where remote or local control is a requirement. The Intepro Programmable AC Source is perfect for use where Transient Generation, 4-Quadrant control and measurements are important.

The Intepro AC power sources are the value leaders in the market. From the basic programmable voltage and frequency models to the advanced grid simulator AC Source, all Intepro AC sources are Isolation transformer coupled for true Electrical isolation. This feature is important when driving grounded UUT’s such as those types with ½ wave rectifiers where one side may be grounded. There are many types of devices going under test that will require Electrical Isolation to prevent damage to the device. AC Source power levels are available from 500VA to 2MVA and 43Hz to 500Hz.

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Reference the model selection chart below for the source that fits your testing needs:

ac source

AFC-11005 AC Power Source and PAS-F-33200 Regenerative Bi-Directional.

The AFC model is a cost effective AC Source; ideal for long burn times and can easily be used to replace low cost rotor frequency converters and motor generators. The switch mode power technology is a more cost effective option to these mechanical and rotating devices.

The AMF is the Intepro 400 Hz AC Source which outputs precise frequency conversion. The input and output are isolated and provide protection from counter-electromotive force (CEMF) which is common when using AC motors driving loads like long belt conveyors, most mining equipment, etc. With overload capacity of up to 200% for 15 seconds this AC Source is ideal for driving modulating loads like AC motors.

The AFV is a programmable AC source used for both R&D and ATE operating environments. It is also over 90% efficient which results in lower operating costs and heat generation. The AFV is ideal for applications which require Voltage and Frequency Transient Generation along with independent phase control.

In addition to the above mentioned AC power sources, Intepro offers a Regenerative Bi-Directional, often referred to as “Four Quadrant”, AC Source which sources and sinks current from the unit under test. This is the Intepro PAS-F AC Source model. Because it is bi-directional, the PAS-F will eventually pay for itself as well as being perfect for grid simulation. The PAS-F offers independent phase control to meet testing requirements such as IEEE1547 where multi-phase inverters must be tested on an individual basis and all phases simultaneously.