The PEL series regenerative AC load bank is a new generation of AC load banks.  The PEL is not only able to simulate different load characteristics including resistance and inductive loads, but also feed the energy back into the Grid using the Regen technology.

The Intepro PEL Regenerative Electronic AC Load is ideal for testing AC power generators, primarily motor generators, turbine generators, frequency converters and power inverters. This AC load series is the smart alternative to the resistive loads typically used in these environments. The PEL transfers energy from the Equipment Under Test (EUT) that would naturally be lost to heat, back to the grid, reducing energy cost and lowering the cost of ownership. The PEL series also provides accurate performance measurements for the unit under test for all phases of test from engineering development, system evaluation, compliance testing and manufacturing tests including burn-in.

Key Features

  • Flexible

    Flexible test for single phase and 3 phase test unit

  • Power Options

    60kVA to 2MVA models

  • Efficiency

    Energy feed back to the utility grid with 90% efficiency

  • Control

    Power factor control

  • Expandable

    Parallel connected for future capacity expansion

  • Phase Control

    Independent phase control

  • Measurement

    Built in power measurement system

  • Interface

    Modbus RS485 and LAN Ethernet remote interfaces

PEL-33060 Regenerative AC Load

Downloadable Documents

PEL User Manual


The PEL AC Load utilizes AC input ranges from 120 to 480V and provides a grid-synchronized, regenerated AC power output from 120 to 480V. The standard modes of load settings including: Constant Current, Constant Resistance and Constant Power.

These loads allow for a friendly user interface with a 7” touch screen and sets new standards for loading power devices with an addition of independent phase control, RS485 and LAN Ethernet remote interfaces.

As stated before, the PEL AC Load series is the smart alternative to the resistive loads typically used in test environments that covert energy to heat which often results in costly cooling systems. By regenerating energy back to the utility grid the PEL reduces energy cost and lowers the cost of ownership. The PEL AC Load is built around 60kVA Chassis which may be paralleled for higher power requirements and greater flexibility.