About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting Intepro Systems. Since 1981 Intepro has supplied users and manufacturers all over the world ATE systems to test power electronics used in a wide range of applications. Our knowledge and expertise in moving and measuring power makes our system unparalleled for production testing, ESS screening, repair and characterization of power components and sub assemblies used across all industries.

Key to our systems is an open architecture for hardware and software that permits complete flexibility to configure and integrate third party instrumentation with a wide range of Intepro and customer hardware. 
Our systems are based universal buses (VXI, PXI, LXI, CAN, Ethernet, GPIB, Serial) that provides choice to the customer and not limited to a those few instruments built by competition. We integrate all commercially available equipment that meets your test requirements.

And tying it all together is our PowerStar 5 Test Executive software, the leading test executive for power electronics testing for a decade.  PowerStar 5 lets users choose from quick test programming using drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank canned routines OR the ultimate flexibility like off the shelf test executives.
With hundreds of customers around the world and thousands of installed systems, Intepro has sales and support offices in China, Ireland, UK and USA and a network of independent representatives and distributors. These offices offer a full set of test services including, Integrated Test Systems, Software, Training, Support, Applications Assistance, and Hardware and Software Maintenance coverage.

Intepro offers unique test system integration to all our customers. We will develope a quality test system to fit your requirements.

Functional test and design verification systems for power supplies, power components and power modules

Life cycle testing and reliability stress screening of AC/DC and DC/DC converters, rechargeable batteries and other power electronics components

This extremely versatile software can be used for functional PSU testing and burn-in test. PowerStar 5 is a very comprehensive software package with ease of use featuring highly. Just some of the features include drag and drop programming, pre-defined test libraries and the facility to generate new tests.

Some Key Features include:

  • Graphic User Interface
  • Dedicated PSU Test Library
  • SQL Compatible
  • Automatic Report Generator
  • Flexible Test System configuration
  • Fast Test Times
  • Multi-Unit Simultaneous Testing
  • Real Time print out on failed tests


E2010 Ethernet Controller. The Web based Interactive control allows the user to interactively control all the Test Systems Hardware via the embedded web server. There is a simple send/receive utility or routines can be setup.

E2010 Ripple Card. The basic function of the Ripple card is to measure the output ripple and noise from Power Supplies. This is available as an RE2010 module which is for a 6U high rack or as a 1U standalone Ethernet Instrument.

E2010 Selftest Scanner. The Selftest Scanner Module is a dual purpose instrument. It acts as a reference and switching module for system Selftest, which is used in conjunction with a Selftest fi xture and Selftest software. The Relay Scanners in-built selftest is an essential component for “down” time minimization in any high volume manufacturing facility. This is available as an RE2010 module which is for a 6U high rack or as a 1U standalone Ethernet Instrument.

E2010 40A Load. The 200-Watt DC Load is a variable electronic unit which is capable of sinking up to 40 amps.
This is available as an RE2010 module which is for a 6U high rack or as a 1U standalone Ethernet